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CELEBRATING 20 YEARS IN 2024! Thanks for supporting this locally owned 1 location business!
CELEBRATING 20 YEARS IN 2024! Thanks for supporting this locally owned 1 location business!

How To Consign Furniture

 Sell your furniture the SAFE, EASY way! Consign it with Home2Home!  

Of course, you can try to sell it yourself, but is that really how you want to spend your time? You will likely have to do lots of back & forth questions and answers, get insulted with low ball offers, get stood up & allow strangers in your home. You'll be stuck with a couple of pieces you can't sell. Then what? You'll send a pick up request to us only to discover there's not enough furniture to qualify for a pick up. You'll have to carry it in yourself.  

Yes, you'll split the selling price, but we will sell it all! If we consign your furniture, we will sell your furniture! You might make more on some pieces selling it yourself, but when you look at the total package, you'll probably make more if you consign it all to begin with.  If you've got clean, gently used furniture, read further. 

No appointment needed! If your furniture is on the list below, CLEAN & in good condition, bring it in anytime during consignment hours. 

BRING MUSCLE! We cannot help carry items in. We offer a pick up service; use it & you won't have to lift a finger! WARNING! This service is not to pick up things you tried to sell and failed! We won't send our truck & 2 men, unless you've got several pieces of furniture. Upholstered pieces are BEST sellers. Include a couple of them, and it will help! 

LOCATION - Our consignment area is behind the store. Drive around back & look for the pink door! 

       We consign:  

  • Accent tables, End Tables, Cocktail Tables, Console Tables 
  • Area Rugs (5 x 7 to 8 X 11) Runners (no stains, fading, or wear)
  • Clothing Armoires with upper shelves &/or a hanging rod. 
  • Bars, Islands, Bar Stools, Counter Stools
  • Bedroom furniture, including daybeds (no mattresses) 
  • Bookcases, Display Cabinets, Corner Units
  • Casual Dining Room/Kitchen Tables & Chairs, Sideboards, Buffets, Tea Carts
  • Desks & Home Office Furniture - NO commercial desks, corner or RTA desks. We do consign metal filing cabinets.
  • Entertainment Centers - We will consign entertainment centers designed for flat screen TV's. No old style 3 - 5 piece ones that were designed for tube TV's. 
  • Electric Fireplaces (best in Season)
  • Formal Dining Table sets. Must be preapproved. We typically accept them ONLY when you consign other furniture. 
  •  Grandfather Clocks (consignor must set it up on the showroom floor so potential buyers know it works). These should be moved by a professional clock company. If we pick it up, we cannot be held responsible if the clock stops working. 
  • Lift Chairs 
  • Media Centers
  • Patio furniture (best in season)
  • Rocking Chairs, Side Chairs, Captain’s Chairs
  • Room Dividers
  • TV Stands designed for flat screen TV's. 
  • Upholstered furniture including sleeper sofa’s when the mattress is perfect!
  • Vintage & antique pieces are not in big demand these days. Please submit photos before bringing it in.  


WE DO NOT CONSIGN TV Armoires, China Hutches, Entertainment Centers / Wall Units, Wall Beds, Water Beds, Commercial Desks, & Baby Furniture. 

If your furniture isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we won’t accept it! Please do not hesitate to contact us if your item does not fall into one of these general categories. We love variety!

Bring it in! If your furniture meets our condition criteria, clean it up & bring it in anytime during consignment hours. If you’d like us to look at pictures of the furniture beforehand, complete the form at the bottom of the 'furniture pick up' page. NO PHOTOS OF HOME DECOR PLEASE! Just bring them in & we will look at them in person. 

Consignment Hours - No appointment needed!

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 1:00 & 2:00 - 6:00    Sun 12 - 5  Our intake staff takes a lunch break between 1 - 2 Mon - Sat. 

PICK UP SERVICE! If you've got a few gently used pieces of furniture, we may send our truck & 2 men to pick it up! The furniture must have enough resale value to justify using this limited resource. If you've got only a chair or formal dining furniture, it will not qualify for a pick up. 

NO OUT OF POCKET MONEY! IWe deduct just $69 from the proceeds to send our truck & 2 men. Our cost is more than $69, so the furniture must have enough resale value to make up for our loss. 

We do not offer appraisals. Part of the service we provide is using our 19 year database to price our inventory. We take it seriously & it is time consuming. We price it after it's consigned, not before. We are your partner in this. We both benefit when it's priced right.   

For general consignment information click here:


Click here to get pick-up or drop approval! Allow 2 business days response time! The owner makes the approvals & has lots of other things to do!

Just for January!

If you buy furniture from us, we will pick up your consignment furniture when we make your delivery for just $39 (No out of pocket cost. It will be deducted from your consignment proceeds).

Inform us when you schedule your delivery. We will pick up ONLY furniture we plan to consign. 

Timing for this offer does not allow for previews.  The delivery team will look at the furniture when they make your delivery. If they think we will consign it, they will take it away! They are not permitted to take furniture they know we will not accept.