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Consigning with us is so EASY! Just bring it in & we'll do the rest!
Consigning with us is so EASY! Just bring it in & we'll do the rest!

Consignment Info

Why Consign? 


No strangers coming to your home.
Save your back! Use our pick up service & we will do the heavy lifting! Plan accordingy! We require  $1,000 in resale value to send our truck & 2 men. 

    It's EASY

    No awkward moments, insults, or being stood up. 
    Just bring it in! We accept consignments 7 days a week!  

      It's SUCCESSFUL 

      We sell 95% of our consignments! Rest assured, if we accept it, we will sell it! It's so EASY!
      Yes, you'll split the selling price, but we will sell it all! 

      No appointment needed! Just clean it up & carry it in!

      Over 60% of our inventory sells at the starting price! The remaining pieces reduce on our tried & true markdown schedule as printed on the price tag.  

      We set the price. We are not an appraisal service. Part of the service we provide is pricing your consignments. Our 20 year data base is extensive! Everything we've sold is in it & we use it to price everything!  We price items after they've been consigned. We take pricing seriously & do not price on the spot. Our consignment team is well trained & experienced. We welcome recent original receipts & proof of value. The factors that most affect the price are style, condition, age, quality, color, fabric, and the current retail price if pertinent.

      You’ll get 1/2 of the selling price! Since we split it, it's in your best interest & ours to get as much money as we can. We have learned overpricing does not work, so we try to find the sweet spot from the start! 


      Sooner OR Later! 

      There are times you don't want to wait for the money. SOONER OR LATER will give you the choice! When you consign furniture or better home decor, tell us if you'd like a SOONER OR LATER option. We'll send an email to you, once everything is priced, with a SOONER offer. We never rush pricing, so it may take a few days. After we send the offer, you'll have 2 days to let us know if you want it SOONER OR LATER.  If you choose SOONER, you can come to the store and get your check or ask us to mail it to you. 

      You will usually make more money waiting for your things to sell, but if you want the money in less than a week, this may better suit you.  

      We are offering this on a trial basis. 


      Money is payable 5 days after an item sells & our stuff sells fast! Just bring your ID to the sales counter & we'll print you a check. You can use your credit to make store purchases in the store or on our website. Once all your items sell, we will mail a check upon request. 

      Each item has a small buyer’s fee added to its price; this is paid by the buyer & is not split.

      Watch your account on-line 24 / 7. See what's here, what's sold & how much we owe you! Your inventory will be listed as it gets priced & sold! We have different pricing departments, & some things take longer to price. It may take up to a week to price all of your items.   

      The consignment area is located behind the store. Look for the pink door.  

      Consignment Hours

      Mon - Sat 10:00 to 1:00 & 2:00 to 6:00

      Sun 12:00 to 5:00