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SAVE 25% on ALL that took a markdown before 6/25. Ends 7/5 - In store only 



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NOW CONSIGNING MEN'S & WOMEN'S SHOES, HANDBAGS, & JEWELRY! See Misses Fashion page (under Consignment Info) for details.

Introducing TAKE IT AWAY! When we deliver your furniture, we'll take the pieces you're replacing for just $50! We'll consign those that meet our criteria & donate or dump those that don't.It's so easy! New Furniture In - Old Furniture Out

SAVE 10% on all Brand New Inventory Fri - Mon 1/17 - 1/20 In store only - We need humans to take the discount by department :)

Now thru July 5th, SAVE an extra 25% (1/4) on EVERYTHING that's taken 1 or more markdowns! Look on our website. If you see something you like that's taken a markdown, come to the store & buy it for 25% less! In store ONLY. Sorry. No adjustments.
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