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Home Décor/China / Seasonal

We love decor, houseware, & seasonal!

Please understand we must select inventory our shoppers buy! 

Save time; read this before you bring it in! 

Seasona/ Holiday    Our customers love to decorate for the holidays!

We consign current styles with an original retail value of at least $20 &/or unique pieces. There a hundreds of stores that sell cheap decor in mass quantities. Our customers want better holiday decor at a savings.

We do not accept home-made items unless they are exceptional. 

We consign Seasonal & Holiday Decor in season, up to 3 weeks before the Holiday. We consign Halloween costumes in new condition, September - Oct. 10th. We consign Christmas trees in November; you must assemble it on the sales floor when you bring it in. 

It an item requires batteries &/or bulbs, it must accompany the item when consigned.    

Please read below if you have decor in the following categories. 

China/Dinnerware: The demand for fine dining tabletop has diminished during the 21st century. In keeping up with the times, we must select china & dinnerware patterns that still hold value. Please pick up a Request for China Consignment Sheet at the store or email the brand , pattern name, & quantity of each piece you have (dinner plates, soup bowls, serving pieces, etc.) to We will let you know if it’s a pattern we can accept. We do not consign scratched, chipped, or crazed (fine cracks) pieces. Please allow a few days for a response.

Glasses/Glassware Brand new glassware is inexpensive so it is a difficult sale in the used market. We cannot accept inexpensive glass pieces. If it did not cost $20 OR MORE new, chances are we will not accept it.

Lamps All lamps must have shades & light bulbs. Wires (cords) must be fully covered & intact. Brass / metal lamps must have minimal pitting & tarnishing.

Print/Artwork/Wall Décor If there’s one thing everyone has, it is wall decor! We must accept pieces that are current styles & in excellent condition! The only exception to this is vintage art, original art (depending on the artist), &/or signed & numbered prints of value. All other wall decor must follow the guidelines below. Please look it over carefully before bringing it in. Remember to clean it well as nothing says used like dirt!

  • The print &/or matting is not faded.
  • The artwork/print has not shifted out of place.
  • The matt/print is not warped.
  • Dirt is not trapped under the glass.
  • The hanging hardware is secure and in place.
  • It is not primarily in pastel colors. This would most likely be from the 1980’s.
  • The frame is in good condition.
  • The glass is not chipped (look in corners & along edges) or scratched.

Nothing says used like dirt! Please clean items before bringing them in.



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