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If you've got clean, gently used furniture to sell, do it the SAFE, EASY way; consign it with Home2Home & let us sell it for you!

No appointment needed! If your furniture is on our consignment list, is clean & in great condition, just bring it in anyday but Sunday between 10:00 - 5:30 our consignment area is located behind the store. Look for the pink door! 

We consign the following furniture pieces when they meet our condition / style criteria.

  • Accent tables, End Tables, Cocktail Tables, Console Tables
  • Area Rugs (5 x 7 to 8 X 11)
  • Armoires (not ones designed for 'old style' TV’s or Computers)
  • Bars, Islands, Bar Stools, Counter Stools
  • Bedroom furniture, including daybeds (no mattresses)
  • Bookcases, Display Cabinets, Corner Units
  • Casual Dining Room/Kitchen Tables and Chairs  *See information below  regarding formal dining sets. Sideboards, Buffets, Tea Carts
  • Desks & Home Office Furniture - We do NOT consign computer armoires or commercial office pieces.
  • Entertainment Centers (on an individual basis - get approval before bringing it in)
  • Electric Fireplaces (best in Season)
  • Formal Dining Tables & /or China hutches   If the only furniture you have is a formal dining table &/or china hutch, show us pictures before you bring it in. We typically accept them ONLY when you consign other furniture too.
  •  Grandfather Clocks (consignor must set it up on the showroom floor to make certain it works)
  • Lift Chairs
  • Media Centers
  • Patio furniture (best in Season)
  • Rocking Chairs, Side Chairs, Captain’s Chairs
  • Room Dividers
  • Upholstered furniture including sleeper sofa’s when mattress is perfect!
  • Vintage and antique pieces are not in big demand these days. Please submit photos before consigning. 

*The share of market for formal dining sets has dropped 75% since 2006 (new furniture market) & prices are dropping!  That means the supply far exceeds the demand in the used furniture market. In most cases, we will consider consigning formal dining table sets & china hutches ONLY if they are consigned along with items from the list above. Save yourself the time and trouble; consign all of your furniture with us! ALL FORMAL DINING FURNITURE MUST BE PREAPPROVED BEFORE IT CAN BE BROUGHT IN. We will accept it ONLY if you have other furniture (sofa's / bedroom) to consign with them!  

If your furniture isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we won’t accept it! Please do not hesitate to contact us if your item does not fall into one of these general categories. We love variety!

Bring it in when you’re ready! If you’re confident your furniture meets our consignment criteria, bring it in anytime during consignment hours; *all formal dining tables & china hutches must be preapproved.* Please bring enough help to get it into our consignment area. We have only 1 staff member available to help and will not be held responsible should our assistance result in damage to you, your vehicle or your furniture. If you’d like us to look at pictures of the furniture before you bring it in, we’d be happy to do so. Just bring in good quality photos (paper or electronic) during consignment hours or send us photos through our website: ‘Send us your photos’ tab. 

Use our pick up service - No photos needed!  It's easier than ever! No photos required! Just call or visit the store during consignment hours (Mon - Sat 10 - 5:30) & speak with our Furniture Consignment Team. Let them know what you've got & in most cases, they will approve it for pick-up on the spot! Once approved, you can schedule the pickup. Because of the expense to send out our truck and 2 men, all pick-ups must be prepaid (nonrefundable) at time of scheduling. If your furniture is within 25 miles, we will pick it up for just $69.  If you would like a more certain pick-up approval, go to the drop down 'send us your photos' tab under Consignment Info. If the furniture is outside of our pick up area, we will recommend a mover; if you’ve got a truckful of great stuff, we may even go a little further than 25 miles.

    Share your photos! There are 3 ways to share:
  • Click here to Email pictures: send photos link  You will get a pop up or an email saying the photos went through. Allow 2-3 days response time. If you do not hear back from us in 3 days, please call the store or send an email without photos asking if we recieved the photos. Chances are, the file was too large to send. 
  • Drop off non-returnable photos during store hours. Allow 2-3 days response time.
  • Bring your pictures in during consignment hours for on the spot approval (Mon - Sat 10 - 5:30)

Please make certain the pictures are clear and easy to see. Take up close & distant shots so we can see the whole piece. The more we see, the more reliable our preapproval will be. If a piece has damage, show us a picture of it. We preapprove furniture based on the information you share; please be honest or you will waste your time and ours; we are under no obligation what so ever to consign furniture that does not meet our criteria whether it’s been preapproved or not. Final approval will be made after the furniture arrives at the store.

For general consignment information see our ‘How it works’ page.