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Furniture Consignment

Reopening May 12th with NEW EARLIER HOURS! 

Consignment Hours are Mon - Sat 9 - 1 & 2 - 5 

Furniture Pick up Service! No money down!

We are one of the few consignment stores in the country that offers a pick up service. We want to make it EASY for you to consign! Please READ THIS BEFORE YOU PROCEED OR CALL THE STORE TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT ARE ANSWERED HERE! We are busy with consignors & customers.

We are happy to offer our pick-up service when you have several pieces of clean, gently used furniture to consign. We especially LOVE upholstered pieces & will more likely approve your pick up if you offer them as part of the consignment. 

All pick-ups must be preapproved! It is too costly to send our truck & 2 men for 1 piece of furniture. Just bring it in anytime during consignment hours & we will look at it in person. This is a business; if you sell the easy stuff, we may likely not accept the harder pieces. 

Our pick-up area is limited to 25 miles or a 30 minute drive. Occasonally, we go further when the value of the inventory justifies the additional time. If you are outside our pick up area, we will give you the name of a recommended mover.

No money down for a pick up! Most pick-ups cost the store $125, yet we charge only $69 (deducted from the proceeds). Once you've scheduled the pick-up, the fee will not be reversed. If you sell items after you've scheduled the pick up, we will deduct our cost, up to $200.

Since it cost you & us money to do the pick up, we want to be certain it's worth it! If you request our service, please send pictures of the furniture (NO decor) you want to consign. PLEASE do not send pictures until you know exactly what you plan to consign. It wastes time when you sell items after the pick up has been preapproved. We will be happy to add pieces to your pick-up, but if you delete them, you will need to start the process over! Our truck holds 2 - 3 rooms of furniture; if it takes more than 1 load, we will simply deduct an additional $69 per trip from your proceeds.  

Use the form below to send pictures. Make certain the furniture is free of debris & easy to tell the condition. We will not pick-up furniture that shows too much wear, so be honest and get a reliable approval. If there is damage on a piece, send a close up of it. The approval will only be as good as your representation of the furniture. This is only an approval for a pick-up. Consignment approval isn't made until we see the items. 

Most times, approvals will be made within 48 hours, if you've sent good pictures and information.

We do not pick up home decor & artwork unless it's too large to fit in a car. Please do not send pictures of it. Visit the home decor page for consignment information. 

We do not offer appraisals or starting prices. Part of the service we provide is using our 16 years of experience to price our inventory. We take it seriously & it is time consuming. We price it after it's consigned, not before. Remember, it's a 50 / 50 split so we both benefit when it's priced right.  

If you plan to bring it, you need not send photos, but click here first so you don't bring items we won't accept. If you haul it in & we do not accept it, have a back up plan.  

No appointment needed! You may bring furniture & home décor in anytime during consignment hours (Mon-Sat 9 - 1 and 2 - 5). Bring muscle! Because of Covid-19, for the health & safety of the staff, we cannot help carry it in!

For general consignment information click here: 


It's our Sweet 16! Home2Home was established in 2004 & is locally owned & operated!  

 Kimberly Stahl Passineau Founder & Owner of Home2Home




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