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Furniture Pick-up Requests

Furniture Pick-up Service 

Please read this BEFORE you send a pick up request (bottom of the page)!

We are NOT a moving company; we offer our pick up service to get inventory!  It's not worth the liability & expense to send the truck & 2 men unless there is enough resale value in the furniture to justify it. 

To qualify for a pick up

*there must be several large pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, sectional, loveseat, recliner, dresser, chest of drawers, casual dining set. 

*the furniture must be clean & gently used with no stains, fading, chips or heavy scratches.

No out of pocket money needed! We will deduct just $69 from your proceeds. People often think since they are paying $69, we should pick up whatever they've got. Here's the problem with that: it cost more than $69 to send our truck & 2 men. You are welcome to get the furniture here anyway you want; if you want to use our service, the furniture must qualify for it. We will give you the name of a local moving service upon request.


 You are welcome to bring furniture & decor in anytime during consignment hours & we will consign it if it qualifies. Consignment hours are Mon-Sat: 10 - 1 & 2 - 6:00 Sun: 12 - 5. 

Bring your own muscle. For the sake of their backs, our staff is not permitted to help carry it in. 


We offer our pick up service up to 25 miles or a 30 minute drive from the store. If you're further out, we will give you the phone number of a local mover. 

If there is room on the truck, we will pick up large decor such as floor lamps, prints larger than 40 x 40, area rugs.

Small pieces may be brought in any time during consignment hours.  

Take good pictures that show the whole piece and close ups of any damaged areas. 

Our truck holds 2 - 3 rooms of furniture. 



 Home2Home was established in 2004 & is locally owned & operated!   

It's so easy! 

Do not send pictures of  TV or Computer Armoires, entertainment centers, china hutches or Wall Beds; we do not consign them. We also do  not consign beds without a dresser or chest of drawers. See a complete list on the furniture consignment page. 


Furniture Pick-up Approval - If your pictures go through, you will get an automatic email response. If you do not get the email, the pictures did not send. Try again sending fewer pics with each submission. 



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