Consigning Christmas!!! Bring the decor you paid $20 or more & we'll put it on our floor! 


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Furniture Send Pics

Furniture Pick-up Service 


We don't want your left-overs!

We charge less than it cost to send our truck & 2 men so will not pick up just 1 piece or furniture (dining room) you couldn't sell yourself.

Do it right from the start & consign it all with Home2Home. The safe EASY way to sell your furniture & decor. 


We offer pick-up service up to 25 miles or a 30 minute drive from the store. If you are beyond this, we will recommend a mover.There is no out of pocket money to consign. We will simply deduct our $69 fee from your proceeds. Please do NOT send pictures or schedule a pick up until you are committed to consign ALL of the furniture you submit. 

If you want to use our pick up service: 

Do it right from the start & we will approve it within 48 hours. Please send ONLY pictures of furniture (no decor) you plan to consign. 

Use the form at the bottom of this page to send pictures. 

Photos - Send clear, easy to see pictures of the furniture (no decor unless it's too large to fit in a car).  Take close ups & distant shots so we can see the whole piece. The more you show, the more reliable the preapproval will be. If a piece has damage, send a picture of the damaged area(s).  The approval is for style & represented condition. We will not pick up ANYTHING that does not meet our requirements. We are an upscale resale store, not a donation center. 


We are not an appraissal service & will not give 'ballpark' pricing estimates. Part of the service we provide is using our 16 years of experience to price every item.

Since it cost you & us money to do the pick up, we want to be certain it's worth it! If you request our service, please send pictures of the furniture (NO decor) you want to consign. PLEASE do not send pictures until you are committed to consign the pieces you send photos of. We will be happy to add pieces to your pick-up after it's approved, but not subtract them. Our truck holds 2 - 3 rooms of furniture.  

If you plan to bring the furniture, you do not need to send photos, but make certain it meets our criteria before you lug it in! Visit the Furniture Page to see items we consign & our criteria. If you haul it in and we do not accept it, you will just need to take it back home or to a donation center down the road. You may bring your furniture (and home décor) in anytime during consignment hours (Mon-Sat 10 - 1 or 2 - 6:00). Make sure to bring your own muscle. Because of Covid-19, we cannot assist!


It's our Sweet 16! Home2Home was established in 2004 & is locally owned & operated!  

Thanks Kimberly  Passineau Owner of Home2Home


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