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General Information

Make it EASY!

Don't you have better things to do with your time than spend hours posting, answering questions, getting stood up, lied to & haggled with? Sure, the best pieces may sell fast, but what do you do with the rest?  Sell all of your gently used furnishings through Home2Home and let us do the work! You may end up making more money because we will SELL IT ALL! If you have furniture with a resale value of more than $600, we'll even pick it up! No heavy lifting for you! 

No appointment is needed!

Just bring your items to the consignment area behind the store. We accept furniture & home decor Mon - Sat 10 - 5:30 & Misses Fashion Tue -  Sat 10 - 5:30. PLEASE VISIT THE PAGE WITH INFORMATION ABOUT THE CATEGORY YOU ARE CONSIGNING FIRST. WE CANNOT ACCEPT EVERYTHING BROUGHT IN. Like every store, we must select inventory based on our shoppers interests & our business model.  

We sell 95% of our consignments!

More than half of them sell at the starting price; those that don’t, reduce on our tried & true markdown schedule. Unsold items with a starting price over $40 may be reclaimed after 70 days on the sales floor, by appointment only. The few items that do not sell will be donated to a local charity after a minimum of 75 days. Don't worry; our goal is to sell it; we will reduce the price weekly after the printed markdown schedule and donate it only when the price is so low that we can't give it away!  Only then we will donate it! You’ll get a donation receipt upon request.

We set the price. 

Part of the service we provide is pricing your consignments. We've got 15 years of sales history and use it to price today's items. Since the selling price is split 50/50, it's in your best interest and ours to get the most money for it. Pricing it right from the start helps it sell faster and better!  We do not price items until they are consigned. It takes far too much time and we want to spend it working on selling our consignments! We welcome recent original receipts & proof of value. The factors that most affect the price are style, condition, age, quality, color, fabric, and the current retail price if pertinent.

You’ll get 1/2 of the selling price!

Money is payable just 5 days after an item sells & we sell our stuff fast! You can use your credit to make purchases at the store anytime! It's like shopping for free! If all of your items have sold, we will mail a check upon request. 

Each item has a small buyer’s fee (99¢ or $1.99) added to its price; this is paid by the buyer & is not split.

We have a one-time $15 registration fee which will be deducted from your first payout.

Watch your items sell! You can check your account on-line anytime. See what's here, what's sold and how much we owe you!  Please do NOT call the store for this information. We are busy working on SELLING your stuff. Please check on-line and if you must call, do so no more than once a month. 

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