Consigning Christmas!!! Bring the decor you paid $20 or more & we'll put it on our floor! 


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General Information

It's so EASY!               

NOW CONSIGNING AT 9:00AM!          

Just clean them up & bring them in any time during consignment hours (Mon - Sat 9:00 to 1:00 OR 2:00 to 5:00. The consignment is located at the back of the building with a separate entrance. Drive around back & look for a pink door.  VISIT THE FURNITURE, HOME DECOR, PAGE FOR INFORMATION FIRST SO YOU WILL KNOW WHAT KIND OF THINGS WE CONSIGN. WE CANNOT ACCEPT EVERYTHING BROUGHT IN; we must select inventory based on shoppers interests & our 16 years of experience. 

We sell 95% of our consignments!

More than half of our inventory sells at the starting price; those that don’t, will reduce by 20% - 25% after 30 days - 1/2 of them will sell at this price. The 25% remaining will continue to reduce over time. Unsold items with a starting price over $40 may be reclaimed after 70 days on the sales floor, by appointment. The few items that do not sell will be donated to a local charity after a minimum of 75 days. Don't worry; our goal is to sell it; we donate items only when the price is super low & we haven't found a buyer. If we donate anything, we'll give you a donation receipt upon request.

We set the price. 

Part of the service we provide is pricing your consignments. We opened in 2004 & have sold millions of dollars in consignments; we use our data base to price everything that comes through our doors!  We do not price until items have been consigned. Please do not ask for an appraissal before you consign it. We take pricing seriously & do not price on the spot. Our pricing team is well trained & experienced. We welcome recent original receipts & proof of value. The factors that most affect the price are style, condition, age, quality, color, fabric, and the current retail price if pertinent.

You’ll get 1/2 of the selling price!

The selling price is split 50/50, so it's in your best interest & ours to get as much money as we can. We have learned overpricing does not work, so we try to find the sweet spot from the start! Money is payable 5 days after an item sells & we sell our stuff fast! Just bring your ID to the sales counter & ask for a check. You can use your credit to make store purchases at the store anytime! If all of your items have sold, we will mail a check upon request. 

Each item has a small buyer’s fee (99¢ or $1.99) added to its price; this is paid by the buyer & is not split.

We have a one-time $15 registration fee which will be deducted from your first payout.

Watch your account on-line 24 / 7

Watch your money grow! See what's here, what's sold & how much we owe you! Your inventory will be listed as it gets priced & sold! We have different pricing departments, & some things take longer to price. It may take up to a week to price all of your items, so don't be concerned if everything doesn't appear in your account on the same day.  Please do NOT call the store to check your account. We offer the on-line service so we can spend our time selling your consignments!   

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