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  • Oil Painting 1.1 - 3'

    30.5"-H X 42.5"-W Still Life W/ Bronze Jug, Cream Plate, Green Bottle W/ Purple Grapes, White Bowl W/ Blue Trim & Brass Candlestick W/ Burning Candle on Brown Table By Bernard de Boer With Gold Frame W/ Scrolled Flowers & Leaves W/ Cream Inly Matting
  • Signed Wood Carving

    12.5"-H X 13"-W Shore Bird Long Beak Decoy Wood Carving W/ Glass Eyes on Wooden Base By Will Kirkpatrick Signed
  • Signed Wood Carving

    6.25"-H X 10.5"-W Shore Bird Long Beak Decoy Wood Carving W/ Glass Eyes on Wooden Stand By Will Kirkpatrick Signed
  • Oil Painting >12'

    46.5"-H X 34.5"-W Still Life Floral on Violin W/ Brownish Green Background With Deep Gold Layered Frame W/ Leaves Design By Louise Laugley
    Original Price: $149.99
  • Sculpture

    13.5"-H Brass Sculpture of a Young Lady & Young Man Holding Flowers Standing Barefoof on The Ground W/ Flowers
    Original Price: $74.99
  • Sculpture

    36"H "Standing Woman" by Todd Malenke, Forged Metal Sculpture, Brown Metal Figure in White Sandstone
    Original Price: $99.99
  • Sculpture

    28.5"-H X 12"-W Bronze Scrolled Fleur Sculpture on Rectangle Base W/ Brown Accent Artmax
    Original Price: $149.99
  • Oil Painting >12'

    58"-H X 46"-W Tuscan Villa Oil Painting With Stone Look Houses W/ Greenery & Red Flowers Across The Houses W/ Potted Flowers Beside The Steps W/ Curved Stone Road W/ Trees & Land in Background With Wide Brown Frame W/ Scrolled Leaves Design
    Original Price: $299.99
  • Windsor Art Oil Painting >12'

    55"-H X 43"-W White Orchid's W/ Greenery in Gold Urn on Tan Table With Cream Background With Gold Frame W/ Twist Inlay Design Oil Painting on Canvas Windsor Art
    Original Price: $199.99



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